The Last Temptation of Dogma: An Ironic Tale of Fundamentalism 
by Jill Ettinger & Baza Novic

[In this episode of Evolver Los Angeles: Six months after returning from a most epic trip to Colombia and Mexico, our heroes experience a significant calling to reckon with a long-standing dilemma that all of humanity has faced... but will they find the answers? Read on to find out!]

Lately we’ve found ourselves wondering whether our emergent community is capable of avoiding -- or destined to perpetuate -- biased and oppressive belief systems, cherry-picked cosmologies, and self-serving philosophies, much like our dominant culture has done with great success (at least up until this point, anyway).  As a community built largely by individuals choosing to opt out of the values and beliefs of an increasingly obsolete and fundamentally self-destructive paradigm, we can't help but notice the irony: Are we filling the void of antiquated understandings and fear-based behaviors with our own dogmatic principles?

Your truth is fascinating (and, ahem, trust us, so is ours). But as soon as it has to be everyone else's truth in order for us to relate, things start to get a little sticky. (We know. That we wrote this is in and of itself an attempt to get you to relate to us. Irony is no stranger around these parts.) We all fear being lost, wrong, misunderstood and misrepresented, and that can drive us to influence others in order to gain support. Our participation in the conscious evolution of the human and planetary organism is not without contradictions, hypocrisy, and ego-based fears generated by the mutating human spirit, and it’s no stranger to dogma, either. We project onto others both the images we want to create, and sometimes, those we are incapable of changing within ourselves. How then do we evolve responsibly?

Let's actually take a step back to put this in perspective a bit. This was supposed to be our second co-authored article about something else entirely. But what happened was…we got distracted by something that as Evolver Sporeganizers, we've experienced more than let's just say… a lot. You've likely experienced it too, both on the giving and receiving end.  But finally, it became too big a question for us to not address: Is our approach to our worldview(s) dogmatic?

A recent situation found us navigating some unexpected harsh criticism along with what felt like really unwarranted "spiritual" judgments about honor and keeping our word. We felt sucker-punched. Probably you can relate. We've all been guilty of judging others, and victims of the cruelty ourselves. Of course it's easy to shrug it off, take responsibility for how we reacted to the situation and find solace in knowing that was "their shit." But that's not so easy all the time. And we got to thinking pretty critically about it all, most specifically, the cycle of judgment, dogma and pushing (consciously or unconsciously) beliefs onto others as we move further into these changing times. We felt compelled to explore the challenge in connecting our head with our hearts. We want to truly tap into the powerful portal the cosmos offers and be present and conscious for the obvious shifts at hand. (After all, it’s 2012. If we’re not transcending now...then when?) But what if we're wrong? What if the "right" answers to anything in this material world don’t truly exist? Is it possible that our body-mind-spirit has its own survival agenda, compromising and manipulating in order to do so, and what if our insistence is simply a consequence of that? Does that give anyone the right to tell anyone else that they need to do anything?

In our own relationship we've ebbed and flowed through judgments. Nearly two years into working together on Evolver LA Spores, we butted heads both publicly and privately. Challenged by the often-difficult aspects of collaboration, one of us even considered leaving the group we'd worked so hard to build together. Recognizing our deeper feelings towards each other helped us through that and into deeper levels of self-inquiry, as well as what it really means to consciously evolve responsibly (as in, stay constantly present without judgment or expectation). This is an especially hard lesson to learn when recognizing that, actually, you are the problem. And we were both the problem.

Krishnamurti said, "it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Up ahead in the not-so-distant future, we can see what looks like an opportunity to transition from our collective illness. Mindfulness, Compassion, Presence, and Patience sit like gargoyles at the entrance of a New World. For many, they are scary looking idea-beings we’re not so sure we can trust yet. The fear of letting go of fear and judgment as we make our approach towards these values finds lots of us along the way becoming insistent about a whole lot of things, slowing some of us down, making it incredibly difficult to navigate when we're constantly tripping over the insistence and persistence of so many dogmatic beliefs.

In collaborating with others who share common goals, particularly on this heralding-a-new-path of intentions, we've more than once felt a little bit bullied, had fistfuls of pointed fingers shaken at us, been told we need to: Transcend, Heal, Drink (More) Ayahuasca, Make Lots of/Give Up More Money, Meditate, Avoid Television and Committed Relationships, Grow Organic Vegetables, Go Vegan, Occupy, Eschew Corporations and Politicians, and so on. By no means are these necessarily bad suggestions. But that they're so aggressive and absolute is where we find ourselves struggling. Ironically, these commands often come from individuals who have the keen awareness that we are all, undoubtedly, One. (Are we then really judging anyone or just further exploring our own self-inquiry?) And they have been prefaced with statements that seemed judgmental and condescending themselves like "this isn't coming from my ego"; "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but"; "what you don't understand is…".  And, well, we don't understand. It actually did hurt our feelings. And really? Of course it was coming from your ego. All of it has been immensely confusing! That's the paradox of being human, though, isn't it? We are contrary by nature. We are trapped inside egos, even when we most definitely think we're not. And of course, if all that stuff isn’t coming directly at us, we’re likely dishing it out, too, projecting and justifying our certainty about a great many things.

The cosmic joke is indeed on us -- we're (seemingly) alone in this universe and certainly alone in our egos -- and that can be incredibly uncomfortable. So we do strange, destructive things (not unlike the fourteen strangers who came to Delmak-O in Philip K. Dick's wonderful novel, Maze of Death) even -- and often after -- we (re)discover the truth. Like so many on this path who have had an awakening (be it a kundalini experience, psychedelic journey, great trauma or serendipitous mystical moment), we know that the energy released within us is most intense. Tuning in to the emergence of a new world, a new possibility for our species and the arrival to our understanding of something no one can quite put their finger on, can bring about our excellence by allowing us to become fully engaged in what feels like "our calling." (And as a negative consequence, it can also flood us with an addiction to fear, creating an environment where parasites and egoistic thought loops can grow or even lie dormant for years before re-emerging.) Perhaps it's in order to motivate us to push ahead, or perhaps it's just a coping mechanism, or maybe some other reason entirely that the ego invites its closest friend and ally: Dogma. Because we’re so enraptured by these exciting new possibilities of a world that we think represent the antithesis of the prevailing paradigm, we don’t recognize dogma for what it is. But a closer look reveals the same: This is the way.”       

One way to notice the bubble of judgment forming is the simple feedback of defensiveness. Whenever we share a viewpoint and feel we have to protect it, feel embarrassment or shame, or even feel an unwavering confidence, we are in a place of judgment or dogma. This matters not whether our beliefs are good-natured and helpful. Who among us has passed judgment not just on those who do not share our beliefs, but also on our brothers and sisters who’ve walked this path right along side us?

Fundamentalism always feels right to its believer. It is a warm blanket on a long, cold night through exhaustive self-inquiry. But what do we believe, really? Why? Isn't everything just circumstantial? Surely any great movement in history has kept its nascent followers up at night wondering these things. And the closer one looks at fundamentalism, the faster it begins to collapse in on itself.  It makes us wonder, is total openness the true absence of dogma? But who among us is always completely open to everything without judgment?

Many of us have explored ways of reinventing ourselves, been the walking cliches of a movement a long time in the making, and sought a coherent new story. We've bounced back and forth following our calling from both sides of the spectrum -- wanting to be part of a shifting world, but not impermeable to the temptations of the convenient existing world. It’s natural to want to run away from the buzzing of an oppressive, parasitic civilization and towards spirituality, psychedelics, yoga (or any of the myriad other belief systems that have formed amongst our ranks), but it’s also incredibly challenging to stay there. Still, the frenetic pulse of Something Coming now permeating through our network into the mainstream is quenching a painful thirst for many of us who have long championed these alternative views. But, does that mean they're right? When we are confronted with people (in this community or not) forcing beliefs down our throats, we can’t help but ask ourselves: Are these ideas the be-all end-all? Just because we’ve figured some things out, do we ever stop our quest? Do we hold tight to our beliefs and ideas no matter what new information comes to us further down the timeline? How do we maintain openness to everything -- good or bad -- while honoring and exploring what we feel called to pursue in our lives right now?

Birthing a New Story is much like tending a spring garden: Seedlings are most fragile when they first pop from the soil as they are irresistibly delicious to predators.  Our current perceptions of truth and meaning are also quite vulnerable in these early stages, both to our own ego’s persistence in the inherent "rightness" of its beliefs, and also to parasitic energies that can prey on our naiveté in claiming to know anything with an absolute certainty. As the paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould reminds us, “The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best -- and therefore never scrutinize or question."

In our experience, we find that many of us are becoming trapped in our stories cleverly disguised as insight or the quintessential alternate reality narrative (perhaps even with a touch of pareidolia). Our primary concern is that it feels like a new class of fundamentalism is evolving and perhaps jading our efforts. The irony, of course, is that at no time in recorded history has there been an absence of fundamentalism. Perhaps the most transcendent monks or yogis may have achieved this state, but at large, societies have gathered around shared beliefs generated by only a few, but perpetuated by the masses. We pass them down through the ages. We fight wars and carry on hatreds because our parents and our communities insist that we do so. We quest on towards ideals, retell stories, and pursue possibilities…mostly because it doesn’t feel right not to. But holding tight to any belief ultimately obscures our view and ability to experience other possibilities…that may also be just as right.

Still, it is 2012.

Things are different on so many levels now. Could shedding this dogmatic behavior of insistence and ridicule be the great calling of our time? Maybe that is why it feels as if we are truly at the precipice of a change never before experienced by humans. Maybe it is not our personal awakenings, shamanic experiences, sensible solutions to economic, agricultural or environmental issues, or our art that are to be our greatest legacies; maybe it's actually harnessing Total Openness and the ability to find sanctity in staying in this Present Moment that will allow humanity to truly transcend the world Dogma has built. (Or maybe that's just our dogmatic belief. The irony is still not lost on us.)

From a sustainability standpoint, the human race must consciously continue to observe its thoughts, actions and judgments and what the consequences are if we ignore, disrespect and disregard our home and our role in it. We can easily justify following our dogmatic pursuits for clean air, food, and water, justice, freedom and expression. We can bring rituals and ceremonies into our lives to nourish our own inner resilience so that we cultivate new patterns and wavelengths that most serve the planet, too. And we are also aware that perhaps… none of it really matters. Perhaps it is egotistical to think we have already broken the confines of our egos and our judgment while still pushing our beliefs on others. Perhaps the postculture will be just as insistent about its tenets as in societies past. Maybe we do need to constantly build a new world and burn it down as Burning Man proposes. (And maybe that means we also let new people share the experience.) The point is, the moment we insist on anything, we lose sight of virtually everything else.

What it comes down to for us in following this hurricane of self-inquiry is consciously experiencing our reality and accepting the only real truth (here we go again) we can identify: Change. Letting go, ironically, seems to be the one thing we can actually hold on to. We're all unfinished works of art. That means many things will shift as we grow, most definitely our minds, our opinions and, if we're lucky, our beliefs. Evolving responsibly calls on us to be always mindful of this. Of course, we'll all do what we're called to do, but for us, what we've learned is keeping that Dogma on a tight leash is the healthiest way to make sure no one gets bitten.  

Until next time, you can find us mining the regenerative minerals of the Noosphere while supporting creative community and telling the best stories we can while dogmatically resisting the latest temptations of dogma.

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*Persus 9*

Image by Ape Vision, courtesy of Creative Commons license.

_ Reprinted without permission from Reality Sandwich.

Like him or not, the divisive David Icke nailed it when he said that the "great transformation" is about "freeing ourselves of the perceptions, rules, regulations and 'norms' of the passing energetic era and connecting with the new one." It seems like everywhere we look this past year we're seeing evidence of this transformation in events like the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, hundreds of protesters marching from New York City to Washington D.C. to rally against genetically modified foods, and in the number of Evolver Spores and other community-oriented groups sharing important films (like Thrive, DMT The Spirit Molecule, Forks Over Knives), supporting new paradigms in festival culture, alternative economy gift circles, skill shares and crowdfunding initiatives that are spreading across the globe as people open and embrace new ways of connecting, new ways of living.

'Norms' have ceased to serve even mainstream marketing efforts as illuminated in Seth Godin's newest book, We Are All Weird, where he says that the greatest battle of our time is probably not what you think (Race Wars, Class Wars, Sex Wars, Information Wars), but rather, between "the status quo of mass and the never-ceasing tide of weird." And standing in formal black dress under a blazing sun in the middle of the Teotihuacan Pyramids just outside of Mexico City, you could say we felt a little weird, but also, quite perfectly at home in our strangeness as bridge builders and story tellers representing the New Indigenous Tribe.

Traveling from Los Angeles via a (seriously life-changing) nine-day Reality Sandwich retreat in Colombia, we heeded the call of a Shoshone elder named Blue Thunder who asked all nations to meet at Teotihuacan for three days of Medicine Wheel ceremonies where the age of the Fifth Sun ended promptly on the winter solstice (December 22, 2011).

According to legend, the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico in the fourteenth century, where many other tribal groups lived. These tribes believed there were four Suns -- or World Ages -- that preceded our time. (The first was destroyed by jaguars, the second by wind, the third by fire, and the fourth by flooding.) The present age of the Fifth Sun, which corresponds to completion of one full zodiac cycle, is prophesied to end by "movement" (earthquakes?) in 2012. And worth noting, the timing of these prophecies coincides with the start of the Mayan long count calendar's ‘birth of Venus' (its exact meaning is uncertain).

The Aztec discovery of Teotihuacan, which some accredit to be Toltec in origin, revealed the world's third largest pyramid (The Pyramid of the Sun) where, as the story goes, two gods sacrificed themselves to bring light to the world after the destruction of the Fourth World and ushered in the present age of the Fifth Sun, subsequently concluding Plato's ‘Great Year.'

This prophesied time is of great significance in many indigenous traditions as varying as the Hopi, Lakota, Mayan, and Shoshone and calls for all people of the world to assist in a don't-look-back massive global transformation. Just before Mexico, we spent a week with the Arahuaco and Kogi -- pre-Colombian tribes who believe that we, the "younger brother" are responsible for the great imbalances in the Colombian forests, and the world over. They've left their secluded lives to come and meet with us to share wisdom and teachings about how to care for earth so that we may stop -- and even reverse -- the damage of our ignorant ways. They believe that we are ready and capable of making great changes for our planet at this most critical time.

Blue Thunder's Shoshone call was to the Rainbow Tribe -- warriors of all nations -- coming together to create ceremony at Teotihuacan and other spots throughout Mexico that correspond with a crop circle that appeared on July 22, 2011 in East Kennett, England. And as Blue Thunder stated in his call to all nations, "These ceremonies will re-harmonize Grandmother Spider's Web of Life, the electromagnetic gridlines known as ley lines or the Flower of Life symbol of our planet."

The function of a Medicine Wheel ceremony is to ensure that the environment is finely tuned for the multidimensional shifts already underway. The instructions on what needs to be healed come from information received in meditating during the ceremonies and from observing and participating in the unfolding realities of the symbols, synchronicities, prophecies and realities of the indigenous of the Americas, the White Buffalo, the Rainbow Warrior and the Eagle and Condor prophecies, to name a few. 

It is understood by the indigenous leaders who called for these ceremonies, that the earth is leaking energy from all the minerals, flora, fauna, precious stones and metals humankind has (and continues to) extract from the earth, and there are many signs and symbols that reflect the effectiveness of work like this. According to Blue Thunder, "[W]e can and will re-tune our planet's vibration to be in harmony with higher incoming energies as we move through the great shifts taking place this year and beyond."

It's a resonant message for many of us: The world needs healing. We need healing. (Be it our bodies, memories, self-image, attention spans or connection to source.) Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, who among us hasn't felt some kind of call to heal the planet or ourselves?

Here in Los Angeles, where we've hosted Evolver events for nearly three years, we've seen themes trend, and always at the top of the list is the work of medicine, of healing and truth, and like our Colombian shaman told us many times in the week prior to the Teotihuacan ceremony: Of making payments to the Mother Earth and effectively reestablishing the long lost connection between cultured man and the natural world's primordial law of reciprocity.

According to Blue Thunder, Medicine Wheel ceremonies like the one in Teotihuacan have reversed drought conditions in Georgia and California and suppressed a volcanic lava dome burst in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as well as healed thousands of individuals participating in the ceremonies. What can a medicine wheel ceremony at the site of the great Aztec pyramids bring as we enter a new age?

By healing the earth through ceremony, says Blue Thunder, we not only make necessary reparations, but we bring validity to ceremonial and energy work. Even Dr. Oz has said the next big frontier in medicine is going to be energetic healing. And what works for the planet, can work for us as well, after all, we are electromagnetic beings experiencing the world subjectively via electrochemical stimuli and light information received through our nervous systems, and it would make sense that the most powerful healing tools be energetic in nature. Energy healing raises our frequencies and aligns the various bodies (visible and invisible) for total holistic health. Patterns found in nature (on the surface of plants, animals and ecosystems) create an integral energy force that affects the whole system. In this case of world healing, the patterns-be they medicine wheels or other expressions of kindness, heart work and community-adapt to integrate information to the whole planet and humanity. (Take for example the effective power of group meditation, or patterns emerging in random number generators corresponding with global events.)

In Joel Davis' book Journey to the Center of Our Galaxy, we learn that we are 26,000 light years from the galactic center, which means that the light or energy reaching us now began its journey toward us during the last era conjunction between the December solstice sun and the ‘roundabout' galactic center in 24,000 B.C.E. Now, as this cycle comes to a close on December 21, 2012 under the galactic starlight of 24,000 years ago, we all have the opportunity to do a clearing of thoughts, memories, words, actions, processes and energies that no longer serve us, humanity or the planet.

You needn't believe in prophecies or align around medicine wheels to do this. Science and common sense allude to the utility of simply opening your heart and wielding your attention to apologizing and forgiving yourself and modern civilization for neglecting the sacred and the whole during humanity's impressive growth cycle that has led up to what may also be its inevitably epic collapse.

One thing all of us can begin to do now is ask Mother Earth for guidance, in whatever way serves our connection to Her. Discover what She needs help with, and then pray for it, meditate on it, retell the story of humanity by imagining a deus ex machina for every unthinkable hurdle we've faced; make art about it, share it, or keep it as a personal connection between your heart and the earth, and ask Her to pray for us and all sentient and non-sentient beings. Will this help solve the world's myriad problems with hunger, homelessness, apathy and illness that cause so much ceaseless disconnection? Maybe. But regardless, it is something we can all do, right now, for free, and feel good about.

From Los Angeles, everywhere and nowhere, we bid us all a Happy New Everything, Every Day, Every Moment.


Keep in touch with us on Twitter @jillettinger @bazanovic

Image courtesy of  Jill Ettinger

_In this video join Project Butterfly, Evolver Los Angeles & Organic Authority as we welcome leading experts on genetically modified foods for a candid panel discussion on the issue and how we can help California become the first state to make the labeling of all food containing GMOs mandatory.

Panel ::
David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Fresh off a 2 week 313-mile march from New York City to Washington DC, David will share stories from the Right2Know March and why we need to label GMOs now.

Begins @ 54:00:00

Pamm Larry is a grandmother from Chico, CA. On January 20 of this year, she had the idea that it was time for the people of California to vote on a ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods and to remind people of the power we hold when we unite for change. She learned about the initiative process, developed a strategy and "came out" on March 10. Since that day, starting as one, she has been traveling around the state, meeting with folks and sparking local groups to educate their communities about GMOs and their chance to get them labeled. She is excited to now be part of an ever growing coalition that will get GMO Labeling on the ballot, then voted in YES in 2012. 


Begins @ 40:45:00

Jeremy Seifert is a filmmaker and activist, traveling the country, and speaking on humanitarian and environmental issues with his award winning film "DIVE! Living Off America's Waste" Dive! and speaking about the interrelated issues of food waste, hunger, and the environment. Jeremy is passionate, charismatic, and exceedingly heartfelt. He has begun work on his next film project looking at genetically modified foods in the U.S. and around the world. When Jeremy isn't working on a film project or speaking to the public, he spends his time gardening and raising urban chickens with his wife, Jennifer, and three children, Finn (5), Tennessee (2), and Pearl (6 mo.).

Begins @ 22:12:00

Jill Ettinger spent more than a decade working closely with some of the largest manufacturers in the natural products industry. She is now the news writer for Organic Authority, the leading online resource for organic food and lifestyle information. Her focus includes genetically modified foods, the vegan diet, natural plant and herb medicines, sustainability and world culture. Jill was published in the anthologies "Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age" and "What Do You Believe?" She is co-director of Evolver Los Angeles, hosting an array of events to help foster creative community and urban transformation.

Moderated by: Laura Klein, Publisher, - Laura Klein co-founder of upgrades the fading "grungy" image of what it means to go green. A trained chef with roots in the organic food movement, Laura is a living embodiment of the green lifestyle. She brings intelligence, intoxicating energy and girl-next-door approachability to the subject of living green.

The Music was provided by Nine Inch Nails from Ghosts I-IV (II 23) a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

_Teaser Trailer for the Reality Sandwich and Evolver Los Angeles presented ::

The Ayahuasca Monologues: Tales of the Spirit Vine

Videos from the evenings story tellers coming to The Evolver LA Channel on 12/21/2011

About the Tales of the Spirit Vine:
For centuries, shamans have drunk this powerful concoction to heal illness, obtain mystical insights, contact spirit guides, and explore magical worlds. Hear of experiences both miraculous and terrifying when Westerners access ayahuasca's incredible gifts.


Mikki Willis: founding director of Elevate Films, a full-service production company focused on transformational and socially conscious film.

Dream Rockwell: founder, performer, and artistic director of Lucent Dossier Experience. Founder and Producer of the Lucent Temple of Consciousness within the Lightning in a Bottle Art and Music Festival.

Sitaramaya: Practitioner, Steward of PlantTeachers land conservation in the Amazon, Producer of Amazon Convergence and Light of the Vine.

Tony Moss: artist, musician, and Creative Director of the LuvAmp Project.

Hosted by Adam Elenbaas, author of Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest, contributing editor of Reality Sandwich, and founder of Nightlight Astrology.

The Ayahuasca Monologues was created by Jonathan Talat Phillips, author of The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic, co-founder of and Reality Sandwich.

Video Located Here
_Evolver LA Official Statement: 11/10/11

Where others took a sharpie to cardboard to make a statement and have their voice be heard in solidarity to the #ows movement.

We at #EvovlerLA decided to bury a sentient effigy of a banker in soil at the LA Occupation of City Hall, with our intention being that we wish to grow better (more mature) bankers. As well offer a suggestion to everyone occupying earth - GROW.


Remember to Evolve Responsibly.

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A Year in Preview:

On 01.1.10, I was blessed to join 32 Angelinos in a group intention setting Moon Night Hike to the summit of Mount Hollywood. Sometime after seven, we ventured up the mountain, lead by the Goddess Projectionist Midori Takata, co-founder of Project Butterfly in Los Angeles and mystic edge dancer, who proceeded to guide us in a meditative reflection on the year past and a retrospective imagining of the year to come. As the circle opened we began a silent trek to the zenith point, where we would set our intentions with the Greater Los Angeles Basin as our backdrop. There silently or in ritual, we focused our attention, above the noise, above the neon distractions, (yet not above the smog) on our intention for the coming year. We then came together in a circle, praising the moon, ourselves, the sun, our planet and our sense of humor. D. Miller, culture jammer, author of Visionary subTEXT :: VST and Co-founder of Project Butterfly in his wordsmith manner, reminded us that this is the year of “20-in10-tion, & 20-at10-tion™®*”

Not only did the 33 of us, via Midori, plant a tree of intention and life in the Hills of imagination land, but a seed of purpose was shoveled into my brain, when D pointedly laid it all out, so simply, yet quite deep on so many levels-numerically, lyrically, and timelinessly. And I being the cleaver memetic junkie/thief, I loved that notion and had to share it with you people. Despite the fact that blogging scares me. :/

Get comfy.

Have you set you intention yet for this New Everything Year of 2010?

Are you prepared to focus your attention on your desired goals in 2010?

If the answer is yes, no, or maybe so, your in luck, because you did exactly what you're supposed to do – exactly what you did. So keep it up. This year is not about becoming the person you should be, or changing this or that, or any other convoluted introspective masturbation. Instead it could be about accepting who you are, and setting a crystal clear intention and using your attention to focus/manifest that intention. In my less then humble opinion, of course, we could go this route.

If you use your attention to focus on what you desire, what you’re doing, or what is coming through to you (intuition/gut check), you'll be sharpening that skill of willful wielding of your consciousness. There is no time to fix or alter or anything like that, you are what you are, now just close your eyes, and find out where/what the heaven your suppose to be doing.


Wait, let me beat you over the head a little more first. Thanks.

Despite what you may think, or have, psychologically, karmically, or energetically left to clear, before you move forward on your path, try and accept the notion that, none of that baggage matters anymore. Like for real and stuff. Think about it. Wait don’t think about it, otherwise you’ll find the contradictions in my words. Instead read on.

Question: So if life's baggage doesn’t matter, than what matters?

Answer: Whatever your doing now?

Your reading this, reluctantly at this point ok, but for some reason. Curiosity I assume, not because my profile picture got you all hot and bothered, (if however that is the case - send a personal message, with photos) you’re here, because, your here.

So first things first if that is the case, then lets go as far as to say, we should trust that that non-local part of you/us, knows “wassup” and whats best for little ol' you and then move forward. Granted you may have shadow work left to do. You may have emotional blocks from some unfortunate childhood drama experienced, or you may just feel a cloud of despair lingering from the Collective Colonial Consciousness induced state of PTSD, resulting from the native genocides, an economy built on slavery, injustice, environmental assault, blue collar crime, or lets be honest you may just be an asshole. (Guilty)

But you know what, maybe it doesn't matter. I mean if your an asshole, use your intention to shift your attitude, use your attention to stay present and stop being such a doo-doo head. You may be like a friend of mine who looks a lot like me; but has better hair, he has this problem of always feeling sorry for himself, “waaa,” a phenomena we we cat owners refer to as "sadface/kittenface." Granted it is hard being a handsome white male in this day and age, no matter, because whatever my friend is experiencing is debilitating. What Apple computer owners refer to as, the spinning beach-ball of death, or conscious buffering. Your brain is just processing so much stimuli, it gravitates towards simple ideas like – “I suck, nobody loves me, why can't I get laid,” to keep the mind from freezing and seizing up. I’ll go as far as to say, our most charged emotions are generally the negative ones, "why the fuc% did I say that? I can’t do it. Why do I keep lying about stupid shit?" So our brain, and even our field, can easily capture thoughts of self deprecation, anxiety, or depression. Our challenge is to not shift to the positive, “I’m the king of the world, I’m so spiritual,” (gag) these diluted ideas of positiviness, are just as unhealthy as cognitive disorders are. Shift to the now, what’s ahead of you, your intention, your heartbeat, then you’ll be smooth sailing. Don’t believe me. Good. You shouldn’t.

During the last renaissance, everyone for the most part, would visit a divination practitioner of sorts, to help with decisions and such. Nowadays almost all of us have gone to psychiatrist, or we’re or been on meds to even out a chemical imbalance, or we read self-help books, to figure out WTF is happiness and how can I get a loan so I can purchase it. In our society it’s all about the brain, the personality, (damn you Scientology/CIA) or some vicarious cathartic experience from watching Oprah or some eschanton porn movie like the 2012.

So if your feeling down, lost, confused, frustrated, even elated on occasion, you could be going through an involuntarily kundalini release, vis-à-vis what is contemporary referred to as bi-polar episode. ( See the work of Sean Blackwell at, BipolarORWakingUP, if you or someone you know is experiencing this.) Or you could just be plain fucked up, because our personal freedom is being demolished, our culture of planned obsolesce is taxing our energy, the spiritual bankruptcy of our current paradigm is just lame, and the plight of the people of the world to drink and feed themselves is made trivial by our western wasteful mentality. Don’t beat yourself up, if your not confused or angry, then you’re most likely not human, or your drinking the really good Kool-Aid. One way or another, don’t get bent outta shape, if you don’t start loving yourself, forget ever loving someone else or doing anything meaningful, because it will be rendered insignificant if you don’t love thyself.

As a civilization, I'm afraid to tell you, we screwed the pouch, and collective bestiality is frowned upon in this galaxy. I was in Detroit, what was formerly Detroit that is, for the Wholiday season, and boy was that a course in miracles. The kind that leave a city desolate and hopeless. Terrorist lighting their gonads on fire to celebrate baby Mithras birth-day, was only the beginning of my ChristconsciousnessMass day. Besides seeing the magic, the history and the opportunity in collapse with The Heidelberg Project and the Diego Rivera mural at the D.I.A., visiting abandoned skyscrapers, and all around despair and misery, was how I spent my vacation. The American nightmare created Detroit, the American dream manipulated Detroit, and I’d wager, if I was a betting man, it'll take an American vision quest to revitalize Detroit. You may not see what Detroit has to do with intention and attention, well neither did the corporations and corrupt politicians who allowed a city to go to waste. That my community, wasn’t even the beginning of the Downfall of this Stolen nation, it is however indicative of where we’re at. We are left to fend for ourselves in this society, and so be it, we needed to get back to our roots, misery and depression only remind us of how we can fail ourselves when not being aware or having intent. Incidentally, there is a huge community of social artist’s, activists, community builders, urban gardeners, and magick folk, and the citizens of Detroit, keeping the fire burning. You needn't worry.

All that you feel is wrong with you, or underdeveloped, or those pesky things you wish to let go of, just let go of them already and when they pop up in your mind, forgive and transmute. Wield your attention, with your intention for the year, and cut through your noise and the worlds noise. Only hear the music, of the swishing blade of power that is your awareness. This verse from "The Grudge" by Tool might offer an additional alchemical insight.

“Give away the stone. Let the oceans take and
Transmutate this cold and fated anchor.
Give away the stone. Let the waters kiss and
Transmutate these leaden grudges into gold.
Let go.”

If your still gonna feel alone or lost, despite the ramblings of my person, let me tell you - your both lost and alone, so stop fretting and smack your self before you pine away. Otherwise I’ll smack you, and you might like it. Seriously, this is the month of "Give it up" here at Give it up that you need answers, or to improve. Give it up that you'll be better if you do yoga every day, or if you read this new book, or if your waiting for full disclosure, or for your father to accept you, or if you just want friends (guilty), because check it out, none of that shite is gonna happen, I'm afraid to tell you. Self-improvement, soul searching, sacrificing of the desires was so last decade. Your stuck with who you are, no matter how many layers you peel back, how many organisms you manage to self-cultivate, or how much pot you don't smoke anymore.

Just embrace who you were born as, who you find yourself as now, and move forward. Set an intention that if you achieve, even your old stubborn ass will have to acknowledge in bewilderment. Then use your attention to focus on that intention. Teleport yourself to 2011, Jan 1, and send back info to yourself of how you got there, and where did you get that great dress, or shoes if your a women. That was the meditation Midori lead the collective on as we ascended Mount Hollywood, and it was exactly what we should all be doing. Look forward by being in the present, the past is dope for sure don’t get me wrong, but you’ve sooo been there before, let it go playa. You don’t have to have some epiphany, or be able to produce a profound visualization, your brain isn't Pixar, so give it a rest. Remember instead how much negativity you brought into your life just thinking about it and naming it, over and over again (guilty again). That was manifest misery and it worked wonders, and we could gauge that we would get the same results if we only could say nice things about ourselves. As finding nice things about ourselves can be challenging, do as we do in Hollywood, “fake it till you make it.” You'll slip up, lose focus, stare at some hot guys buttocks in some locally made hemp cords, or your splurge and eat dead animal, eventhough your teeth are obviously not designed to eat meat, or you might have too much to drink and sleep with me. But all that’s ok, because it’ll just remind you that your attention has drifted, and then ‘bang,’ your aware of it, you take a comfortably deep breath, and look straight ahead with the confidence, that at least you can still breath without fucking that up.

Like meditation gurus will say or sell; in meditation, first you get bored, then you think about all the shit you have to do, or have avoided doing, and or who you wanna lay - at those stages most people struggle and give up on the meditation. But as any one who has been practicing mediation for many years will say. When you come out of the trance, so what, go back in, and strengthen those muscles. Snap out, snap back in, how ever many times it takes. The same goes this year with your attention. Work that muscle.

That being said, I'll be the first to say your fucked up. We all are, I wish we could go back and kick ourselves in the lovely ass we have, but we can't, (we can in individual and collective Soul Retrieval and other spirit-psycho modalities, but more on that next month) at least not until the time machine craze of 20dirty (2030).

So since we dropped the ball in terms of self-actualization or reaching some state of shamanic mastery, the next thing to do is kick that fucking ball laying at our toes, like some half naked Mayan Twin brothers, without all the homosexual connotations this time. As the ball goes flying into the air, we again are reminded that we are on the right 2010 path, otherwise no one would have passed us the ball in the first place. Our attention was the swift kick, and the intention was to remove the ball from in front of us. It’s that easy. Right?

As contemporary psychology tells us about dreaming, and depression - the two sided coin most of your bloggers out there are flipping for divination purposes, as you sleep, successively, and generally speaking, you get into deeper, and longer REM states. That’s why when you wake you can remember your last dreams (if that is, you stopped smoking pot after you read the RS post on the green cannabis elves), because it was the longest period of REM state, and thus you spent the longest time in that dreamworld. But if your feeling like poo-poo pancakes upon awakening and you pull the covers over your self and curl up in the fetal position entering the womb of reverse growth, you'll quickly jump back into the REM state. And the REM state for some reason uses up serotonin levels, like alcohol at a family holiday, and when you wake you feel washed-out, even though your dream may have been easier to handle then reality, you have just started your day, depleted and ready for a full on anxiety attack. Congratulations.

"Do what thou wilt," shall now be reappropriated, as "do what thou is frakken supposed to be doing" - working for the greater good of the organism formerly known as humanity, now referred to with expletives. Whether you know it or not, you all work for the planetary organism, ok, is that settled? So you all have work to do, a mission your either well aware of, or have been avoiding, one that will be made abundantly clear once you tell the universe what your heart desires this new everything: year/decade/paradigm.

The practice makes purpose.

Wield that attention, because without spoiling the fun or the wonder of the mystery that is life I have to tell you. Your consciousness, something everyone is all in a fuse about these days, well, it’s your attention and your intention combined. Granted its more than that, but if your reading the internet for ideas about "who you are" and not going out in nature, bearing the wild naked and afraid, or drinking sacraments on a regular basis, than honey, your a long way away form finding the answer. The answer may be on the web, most likely even on Reality Sandwich or Evolver, but (y)our little consciousness' can't handle the truth, because that would make the truth external - the fact that you’re here, right now, holding on, that’s’ pure unadulterated t.r.u.t.h.

The truth is the flesh. Look at your skin. You may be miserable and contemplating suicide, or just physically ill, or depressed or gorgeous and just fucking stupid - so? I'll venture to say, S.F.W., your alive asshole! Now what are you gonna do about it?

In closing, lest I forget why I was able to rant right now, I must recognize the presence of Daniel Pinchbeck in this whole thingy we call reality. I met Daniel at something called Burning Man in '05, (Google it, they're a few images out there) and he told me he was about to launch Metazine, an online journal, which subsequently became Reality Sandwich, which is’s big sis (love ya). I submitted an article to Metazine about how our attention is our consciousness. They didn’t respond, and if you’ve read this post thus far, you probably don’t have to image why. No matter, here I am blogging, where no bad grammar, spelling or wack syntax can stop me from vomiting up ideas, and vibrating out letters, words and idea’s. My attention is on this message; my intention is on sharing, gathering and living transformation stories. In his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right) he basically did all the work for us. But in particular, when at some point discussing Revelations or the Bible, which even if anything Christian gives you the 'heebee geebees' let me say, as many have spoken before me, the Bible is still the greatest magical book ever produced, after Alan Moore’s Promethea that is. Anyway. When discussing this crazy guy C.G. Jung, Daniel writes, “[H]e saw the Bible as a document describing the evolution of the western psyche, moving in stumbling stages and violent lurches, toward an ultimate reconciliation, an integration of ego and self.”

The ego (goddess rest its soul) referring to, the "I", or one's conscious experience of oneself, was very helpful thus far in our evolution. But what if we swap out the idea of thinking about our ego, and instead think about our attention. No judgment, no differentiation, just what is – “what the hell are you focusing on?” Because that’s who/what you are. Energy flows were attetnion goes, the Huna would say. Attention allows us to forget biases, because we know thoughts come from all over the noosphere, so we can’t be in control of them all necessarily, some are so deep we’ll either be on meds for the rest of our life or damn broke from all the books we bought, and lectures and seminars we’ve attended

Now the self, the real red headed stepchild of reality, commonly referred as “human motivation, cognition, affect, and social identity,” is totally in need of some updated firmware. I suggest we download, depending on what cognitive operating system your bio-chemo-electric-magnetic field is running, the intention that your soul is waiting for you to accept. Release the self, because so many of us our going through, the oh so annoying identity crisis “what book, group, drug, clothing, festival defines me?” Ahhhhh, none of them do, you silly human. Your intention, what your heart tells you is possible as Charles Eisenstein would put it, and what your passions, and your intuitive gifts clearly illustrates about who you are, is oddly enough, who-you-are. All that leads pretty clearly, if you don’t over think it, to the authenticity that is your intention.

If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we surely didn’t travel to earth unprepared. Maybe unconscious, but not without a purpose and some tricks up our corpus callosum/ axis mundi. Your not on right now for shits and giggles, well except ya’ll in NYC, you’re here because, like some Manchurian Candidate scenario, we’ve been triggered, activated, programmed for lack there of, to recognize the symbols and signs, and then abandon the ideas of separation/representation, objective/subject, and just BE HERE NOW (Great name for a Book FYI). So trust that if you listen to your heart, and yes I don’t mean anything more esoteric or new agey then listening to that ticking thumping pulse of energy 130 beats per minute, you feel just under the skin. Your heart can tell you yes or know, just like Biokinesiology or geomancy, instead you can practice heartmancy, ‘cause cous’ that’s all we really need right now. And lucky for you, we all got a heart installed at birth, so you can stop spending money, unless you need heart medication that is.

Ok Ambiguity aside, I'll venture to say that the grey areas are disappearing into the singularity that is reality right now (re:2012). All that’s left, finally, is the black and white and you, the human /observer, equipped with all the technology you need to be your true self, connected, present and sexy – the true trinity. Not good or bad, but focused or unfocused. Your either drifting or swimming, you can’t do both. You are either human or you’re inhuman. Furthermore, unless you’re in a Rembrandt painting, a human being is unable to hold two contradictory emotions at the same time. I don’t remember where I read that, but it’s so true. If your in a state of fear or anger, see the video below, and see how quickly the poles shift.

What are you?

The red and white our bodies produce, is our secreted god juice. Those life fluids, kept inside or smeared across our third eye, allow us to become the warriors of love, the mercenaries of peace.

We have become the last tribe.

To conclude, Daniel in 2012:TRQ, helps illustrate the notion that we don’t have to fix ourselves anymore, we’re crazy or whatever for good reason, we needn’t question nature anymore.

“God, as a psychic fact, reveals himself in our neuroses, our allergies, our failed love affairs.” “God enters through the wound, [Jung] wrote.”

Standing at the edge, after crawling through the wound of existence, go ahead and stare duality in the face, and laugh. Because we know a secret. It’s all in our head. Our head. Meaning, you guessed it, we are in charge.

Not only can we learn from the magical mastery of Daniels synthesis of some of the most profound contemporary and archaic ideas, we can learn from him the power of intention. At one point in 2012:TRQ, this appears, “ There are efforts to use the Internet to develop social networks supporting sustainable development.” This passage published in 2006, became a reality with, this past year, and like so many of you, Daniel Pinchbecks attentiveness to his intention to create what was needed, lacking, or whatever it was, not only came true for him, furthering increasing his psychic strength, it also benefited us, and spaceship earth. HooRAY!

So when you doubt your intentions, remember that they are bigger than your ego, your “me,” they are here for the benefit of all sentient beings and it’s your responsibility to heed your inner intention, with your focused and continuously sharpened attention.

Ok, so maybe some improvements could be made, like with your diet, or your consumerism tendencies, or your lacking of a sense of humor. I’m not being dogmatic about moving forward and being present, all’s I’m offering is a swift kick in the balls. Stop worrying, stop negating your power, stop stopping. You know what to do, do it. In 2012:TRQ, Mr. Pinchbeck further supports this notion, possibly unintentional.

“By reestablishing harmony, we would realize, in Black Elk’s words, “every place is the center of the world.” [ See Nassim Haramein for more on that] Or, as Robert Lawlor defined the aboriginal perspective, “There is no part of this existence that needs to be transcended, repressed, or gone beyond.”

Fuck enlightenment or higher consciousness, just be you dude, there's no state you need to achieve other than the state of emerge-and-see. So there you have it, your exactly where you’re suppose to be. Therefore set you intention daily, and use your attention every second of every day, and you’ll be glad they put a net under the Golden Gate Bridge, because your alive, and that’s all she wrote.

“I don't believe anything I write or say. I regard belief as a form of brain damage, the death of intelligence, the fracture of creativity, the atrophy of imagination. I have opinions but no Belief System (B.S.)”

--- Robert Anton Wilson

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"One of the great truths of our time is this hunger deep in people all over the planet for coming into relationship with each other. "
Mary Caroline Richards

The Gathering: An alliance of Elders, Healers and Wisdomkeepers
Sept 9-12 2004
Big Bear, California
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This video was Created by Everyone There. The videography was done by myself, Nick Stravous, Finneus Egan and edited by me.

This was to be a documentary trailer to a documentary that never came to be. I thought I'd share it with you, despite the fact that it is 6 years old. Evolver Los Angeles will be working with and supporting the non-profit organization, Journey to the Heart, that brought these wisdom keepers together.

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